System Security

Boundary IT Services can assist you with the security and protection of your IT systems.

Keeping your systems up to date is critical and is becoming more important with the increasing use of the internet and email – it only takes one infected file to bring your systems down, and jeopardise the integrity of your organisation.

We will help you to ensure that your systems are properly secured against viruses and spyware, and help to keep them properly updated with the latest virus definitions and security patches.

Virus Protection

Anti-Virus software is an essential component of any computer, from business servers right through to home PCs. But this software alone is not enough to protect you from all threats – it must be kept up to date, and potential threats must be dealt with properly.

That’s why with the assistance of Boundary IT Services we recommend the installation of a centrally managed Anti-Virus system. From a single console you can:

  • Manage all of your desktops and servers
  • Ensure that all Virus definitions are up to date
  • Deploy to new machines as they join your network
  • Protect against file, email and internet browser based threats

You simply need to log on to your console to check on the AV status of your entire network. Alternatively, if you have an active support contract with us we will automatically manage the AV status for you.

Critical Updates

Microsoft generally release critical and security updates on a monthly basis. Although all versions of Windows have the built-in ability to automatically apply these updates this relies on each user agreeing for the updates to be installed, and gives you no control over when this happens or which patches get installed.

Using “Windows Software Update Services” Boundary IT Services can install a small application on a server that controls the flow of updates on your network. With this you can centrally:

  • Control which patches are installed
  • Control when patches are installed
  • Automatically deploy all approved patches to new machines
  • Download each update only once for your site, saving bandwidth
  • Centrally report on the security status of all of your machines

When new patches are released you simply log on to your console and approve them for release. Alternatively, if you have an active support contract with us we will automatically manage the patch deployment process for you.

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation, or to discuss any aspect of your system security.