Remote Access

User mobility is one of the fastest growing areas in IT today.

Boundary IT Services can assist you with remote working for your mobile workforce from simple remote connections to check email all the way through to full blown VPN access.

We have many years experience installing and supporting these technologies, and can help to ensure that your systems are accessible from anywhere, whilst also implementing sufficient security measures to protect you from unwanted intruders.

Basic Remote Access

With an increasing emphasis on work-life balance and flexible working, the ability to connect to the office remotely is essential in today’s workplace. Boundary IT Services can setup this remote access for you, enabling your users to:

  • Check their email
  • Connect into their office workstation
  • Edit and save documents

Advanced Remote Access

For users that require more than just basic access to the workplace we recommend thin client applications, such as MS Terminal Services and Citrix. These applications enable you to extend the boundaries of your workplace into employees homes and other sites. Boundary IT Services have many years experience implementing Citrix solutions, enabling your users to:

  • Work seamlessly on a virtual desktop
  • Open all document and image types
  • Enjoy working speeds close to normal LAN speed
  • Connect from anywhere, including home and client sites

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation, or to discuss any aspect of remote access.