Backup Solutions

Business data is one of your most important assets.

Loss of data could severely disrupt the running of your business, and ultimately cost you in lost customers and revenue. Boundary IT Services appreciate the value of this data, and can advise you and help to implement robust, reliable backup systems.

We have many years experience installing and supporting backup technologies from some of the leading providers, and can help to ensure that your critical systems are protected – something which is a requirement by UK law:

“You must safeguard your own or anyone else’s data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure” – Data Protection Act, 1998


  • Ensure your data is backed up daily
  • Create online backups for fast file restores
  • Enable you to do full bare-metal restores in the event of server loss or disaster
  • Implement best practice for storing data offsite

Standard Backup

To protect your data we recommend implementing a daily backup using solutions from Yosemite or Symantec. Boundary IT Services can setup these solutions for you, ensuring that your data is consistently backed up on a daily basis, and giving you the ability to quickly restore corrupt or missing files. These files will be backed up to tape or RDX disk, enabling you to take copies of your data offsite for safe keeping & disaster recovery.

Snapshot Imaging

For the ultimate in data protection we recommend using an imaging software such as ShadowProtect. Boundary IT Services can configure this application to take regular snapshots of your server to an external USB hard drive. The advantages of this system are two fold:

  • Individual files or the whole server can be restored instantly from the last snapshot, rather than the last daily backup
  • No need to retrieve the last tape from offsite

ShadowProtect does not replace your daily backup, as the data never leaves site. But it does enhance it giving you total protection of your data, both instantly for accidental file deletions and overwrites, and offsite for true disaster recovery protection.

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation, or to discuss any aspect of your backup systems and data protection.