Cloud Services

Boundary IT Services are able to offer a full range of cloud based services.

What is this Cloud?
Cloud computing has been one of the IT buzzwords of the last few years, and is often misued or misunderstood. In a nutshell it is a collective term for any technology that delivers IT services to users as a utility over a network, generally via the Internet. Cloud services tend to be on a subscription basis where you only pay for what you actually use, whether that be Mailboxes or Gigabytes of data stored.

The main reasons for considering using Cloud over traditional services are:

  • Available anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Rapid deployment, generally online within a day
  • Easy to scale up and down as business needs change
  • No upfront hardware costs to budget for
  • Access to enterprise class solutions at small business prices

Please continue to browse the solutions we offer and feel free to contact us  to discuss any aspect of your cloud computing needs.